Chocolate Tasting: A Sweet Adventure in NYC

Join us for a one-hour chocolate tasting that will take you on a journey from chocolate around the globe. Learn about the different flavors and aromas of chocolate, and how they are influenced by the region where the cocoa beans are grown. Our chocolate sommelier will lead you through a tasting of three artisanal chocolates, and you'll have the chance to compare and contrast the different flavors.

We'll also provide you with a light selection of palate cleansers, so you can cleanse your palate between each tasting. And at the end of the event, you'll take home a chocolate box so you can make your own chocolatey creations at home.

This event is perfect for groups of all sizes. So gather your friends and colleagues and join us for a sweet adventure!


  • Groups of 1-20: $2,300 flat fee (event space for groups of up to 12 people included if desired!)
  • Groups of 21-30: $115/person
  • Groups of 31-60: $99/person
  • Groups of 61+: $89/person

To book your event, please contact us at

Get ready to taste the world through chocolate!