The Valentine Box

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Mix and match a seasonal selection of bonbons and truffles.

Each box comes with any of the following truffles included:

Açai berry + Violet flower + Cream Yvette

Passion fruit and a hint of Coconut -V

Cardamom Caramel -V

NYC Peanut Butter Bonbon -V

English Sea Salted Caramel Truffle

Cherry Dark and White chocolate 

Pink Champagne Truffles 

Thai Coconut Truffle (V)

Peppermint Patty Bonbon (V)

Central Park Leaf Bonbon (V)

Caramel Rose Bonbon (V)

Strawberry & Milk & Cream Truffle 

Hot Chocolate Truffle w WoodfordReserve

The Old Fashioned w WoodfordReserve

Lips in Dark or White Chocolate

Note: keep in cool dry place a way from sunlight at 68°F