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Baseema Chocolate

Hand Crafted Gourmet Seasonal Mix & Match

Hand Crafted Gourmet Seasonal Mix & Match

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Indulge in a Symphony of Truffle and Bonbon Flavors

Sicilian Orange Bonbon. Transport your senses to Sicily with a truffle infused with the vibrant essence of Sicilian oranges and the velvety embrace of dark chocolate.

California Almond Dream. Savor the rich and earthy flavors of California almonds, a celebration of nutty excellence. V

Turquoise Sea Blue Cookie Butter. Crunchy Biscoff cookie butter filling. V

XO Amarena Black Cherry Bonbon. Indulge in the seductive combination of cherries and decadent chocolate, a balance of fruity and white & dark chocolate

Lavender Dreams of Assisi. Delight in the soothing essence of lavender paired with the velvety embrace of dark chocolate

NYC Peanut Butter Obsession. Surrender to the crunchy and nutty essence of peanut butter, an irresistible pairing with luxurious chocolate. V

Japanese Matcha Zen. Elevate your palate with the elegance of Japanese matcha, a burst of green tea flavor encased in creamy indulgence.

Mexican Cinnamon Passion. Ignite your taste buds with the passionate fusion of Mexican cinnamon and the deep complexity of milk chocolate.

Sandra's Surprise. Uncover the tantalizing blend of flavors hidden within.

Spiced Caramelized Pecan. Experience the rich and nutty paradise of pecans, an indulgent celebration of the nut's unique flavor. V

Manhattan Espresso. Elevate your senses with the bold and robust flavors of New York City's finest coffee enrobed in chocolate.

Sea Salted Caramel. Dive into the sea salted caramel truffle, a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Triple Vanilla Truffle. The trifecta of vanilla from Madagascar, Tahiti, and Mexico in milk chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate.

Cardamom Exotic Allure. Savor the exotic allure of cardamom, an enticing spice paired with dark chocolate.

Rose Velvet Bonbon. Experience the delicate infusion of rose petals and dark chocolate, a harmonious balance of floral sweetness and deep cocoa richness.

Thai Coconut Oasis. Escape to a tropical oasis with the aromatic allure of Thai coconut blended with smooth, velvety chocolate. V

Sicilian Pistachio Marzipan. Experience the delightful combination of Sicilian pistachios and marzipan, a symphony of nutty sweetness. V

Volcanic Japanese Peppermint. Experience the fiery passion of peppermint bursting forth in the depths of dark chocolate, a tingling and invigorating delight. V

Explore a World of exquisite flavors with our truffles and bonbons, each a symphony of delightful notes designed to thrill your taste buds. Enjoy!

Note: keep in cool dry place a way from sunlight at 68°F ~20°C

ARTISAN SMALL BATCH: Each chocolate in our chocolate gift box is hand painted  & hand crafted in small batches because we believe taste should come first. We use only the finest artisan ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors and freshest ingredients. We put great attention to detail on every single piece of chocolate we create. 

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