Seasonal Mix and Match Box

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Mix and match a seasonal selection of bon bons and truffles.

Each box comes with any of the following truffles included:

NYC Peanut Butter (V) ~Dark 🍫

English Salted Caramel ~Milk 🍫

Raspberry Rose (V) ~ Dark 🍫

Coffee Caramel ~ Dark 🍫

Thai Coconut (V) ~ Dark 🍫

Pina Colada ~White 🍫

Passion Fruit ~White 🍫

Pistachio Marzipan (V)~ Dark 🍫

Italian Pistachio ~ White 🍫

Peppermint Patty (V)~ Dark 🍫

Central Park  Leaf (V)~ Dark 🍫

Italian Hazelnut (V)~ Dark 🍫

Strawberry Champaign (V)~ Dark 🍫

Old Fashioned Whisky ~ Milk & Dark 🍫

Coconut lime Lychee (V)~ Dark 🍫

Lips Dark/White Chocolate 🍫

Note: If you would like a specific truffle included in your box, please add a note to your order or use our contact page to send us a message with the selected truffles and your order number.